Papillon 1

 Papillon 1
It’s no fun being a high school outcast. It’s even harder when your twin sister is the most popular girl in school The ultra-glam Hana is the ultimate teen queen, but her sister, Ageha, is just a shy tomboy. Hana loves being the center of attention so much that she’ll do anything to keep her sister in her shadow. But Ageha has a plan that will change her life. Because no one, not even Hana, can hold Ageha back forever. . . .

Product Specification :

ISBN :0345505190
Format icon razz Papillon 1 aperback: 192 pages
Publisher icon biggrin Papillon 1 el Rey
Date Published :10/14/2008
List price :10.95
Reading level : Age: 13 –

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